If this cass rework doesn't work out so well in the long run...

At what point does riot have to come in and say, maybe it's time to give cass a proper full rework? I know things are still early after the MYMU and riot is going to try and buff her in the next 2 weeks, however the early reviews on Cass version 8.95 seem lack luster. The old passive had to go, but the new one has questionable value in this faster meta. People don't seem to like how her new kit plays overall and I'm not sure if that's a number issue or not. She also is one of the big losers in the mages don't get mana regen aspect of the MYMU; she's always been particularly mana intensive if the other team doesn't quickly blow her up, and in the past was a candidate for the athene's+seraph staff combo which wouldn't work on her anymore. Sure her E refunds mana costs on killing a minion, which is better than nothing, but she's still a machine gun spammer. No matter what happens, it seems like Cass's gameplay is something riot has had real issues in getting right. Granted, there are big issues with fan expectations as well to the point riot almost needs to make another 2-3 poison mages just to relieve pressure from Cass. Still, it seems like despite being one of the oldest champs in the game she's the one riot can't figure out.
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