All sylas changes.... again and again and again.... pls

i know it would mean so little but it bothers me so much that sylas has been gutted and nerfed almost every patch since his release, granted not EVERY patch but christ does it feel like it I like this champion, no actually i LOVE this champion and i can understand taking away frustration but holy crap.... adding 8 seconds to e, moving shield to e cast and ONLY if it hits, now passive does 50% damage all around and q and passive have smaller radius...... and the massive number tweak on his w like come on.... i love this champ, his kit is unique and fun yet simple and has fluid combos , his theme is great his VO, everything but... i dont want to see such an awesome champ go to waste just because he sucks overall... maybe somebody can tell me different? can sylas really be THAT overpowered? is he genuinly as broken as they are showing him to be or what? i am really curious, and it scares me that at some point i wont be able to play one of my new favorite champs of 2019 just because of all these freakin nerfs so yea... thats all, just hope he gets some love because WOW has he gone downhill
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