Typical Master Yi Game

[https://postimg.cc/qgYRB4W7](https://postimg.cc/qgYRB4W7) 0/0/0 by 8 minutes 2/6/2 by 20 minutes. We tried to shut him down. 5/8/2 by 23 minutes. All it takes is a rageblade and he has 3 more kills easy. 9/10/3 by 30 minutes. We killed him 10 times, but it makes no difference if we kill him 100 times. By this time he starts snowballing and there is no stopping. him. 16/10/4 by 34 minutes. He just presses R and collects kills. No way to stop him. No CC that he can't just avoid with alpha strike. No nuke that he can't just negate with meditate. 26/17/9 by 48 minutes. The only reason the game went on this long is because the Yi had 2 feeders on this team. TWO!! But it makes no difference. The Yi will always press R and penta kill your team end game, nothing you can do about it. No matter if you kill him 17 times. No matter if he has 2 feeders on his team. It makes no difference. He just presses R and you lose. This happens every game there is a {{champion:11}} . The endgame scaling, combined with true damage that you can't build against, combined with a never-ending ult, combined with not one, but two ways to negate damage to himself, this champion always comes back to win the game in the end, no matter how far behind he is. Master Yi is a free win every time in the hands of a skilled player. There is no counter play. No way to stop him from becoming a one-man army. - Get rid of the extension his ult - meditating should make your defense lower, not higher. - alpha strike should be melee range, not 600 range
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