With Twisted Treeline being removed. This is an idea I had about a year ago.

I'm honestly fine with riot removing twisted tree line. It was honestly like meta frozen in time, because the same champions were always s tier since the rework. I really hope riot messes around with some new map idea's though with the removal of twisted treeline. I remember watching the league of legends music video for last year (I think) the one with riven, camille/jhin, and ionia, and I thought to my self "it would be really cool if riot had different maps that we just reskins of summoners rift that was randomly selected each game. I feel like its getting to a point were riot has this super cool and interesting lore with tons of locations that are so dramatically different from each other, but because they are not summoners rift we will never get to experience them. I think a bunch of summoners rifts skins could be really cool and make the game feel fresh without actually having to add new content. Some ideas I have for this... * Twisted Treeline - duh, its the whole point of this thread. This would honestly probably be the easiest one for them to do, they already have a lot of assets from twisted tree line and they would just have to use them on summoners rift. They even could have different jungle camps. obviously they would be the same as current, but re skinned because that would mess with the meta, but you could have wraiths back where they belong(wraiths > chickens) golems at krugs, ect. *Demacia vs. Noxus - you know that super big rivalry on par with the Horde and the Alliance. These guys have been fighting for years, it would be cool to have a map that is split down the middle design wise were red side was more Noxus warlord themed and blue side was more modern Demacia themed, with the middle third of the map being a mix of both as if a battle was ensuing. *Freljord - This again could be a pretty east one for them to create, with all the assets they already have with hallowing abyss, they could even make it a themed map that only comes out winter time, but I personally would prefer the random map concept I have going here. Obviously theses could go on forever so there is no point in me listing out every area in runeterra and listing what could be in the map, but I think you get the idea. Keep the discussion going and come up with some map themes you personally would like. I understand that riot keeps summoners rift, summoners rift because pro players know what is what and everything stays relatively the same, but they could simply have a setting that just lets you turn it to summoners rift 100 percent of the time, because the way this would work is the game would just be re skinned so any map theme could be used at the same time. I think this is a great idea because it would make runeterra feel more alive and less like in a lore standstill.
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