One person can lose the "team" game for you...

So, I too am unsatisfied with the way LP is gained or lost in Solo Q. Frankly the idea that winning or losing as a team is a flawed idea and approach in *solo* Q for one simple fact. One person cannot win the game for a team but one person can lose the game for a team. Next trolls and ragers have too much control over other peoples' LP. Simply as a real-time strategy game, there are too many factors of luck involved when it comes to LP gains/losses which does not reflect strategy. There needs to be a new system implemented that mitigates LP gains and losses based on *individual* performance. Now when I say, individual performance, I do not mean KDA. (The idea is not that one can gain Lp from a loss but that they can lose less Lp from playing well in the game that was lost. Also not that one can lose Lp in a won game but gain less Lp for playing poorly in games that are won by being carried. Players better then their current elo would climb easier even through losses and players worse then their current elo would sink faster even through games won by getting carried.) The factors that should mitigate gain/loss amount of LP regardless of winning or losing (in no particular order of importance): Objective damage, Vision/Vision denial, Farm, Champion damage, Champion damage mitigated, Champion heal mitigation (ignite/grievous wounds items), self-mitigated champion damage (life-steal/spell vamp, defensive items, self-shielding and or regen abilities), KDA, and Pressure. Everything listed above Riot already tracks in every game except pressure and (I think not sure) champion heal mitigated. The champion heal mitigation would not be hard to calculate. However, Pressure might be tricky. My idea to calculate pressure would be to track individual player locality of both teams, player proximity to objective damage and all the above factors of both teams. You calculate this separately for each player in the game divided by the collective opposing team value of this calculation resulting in a "Pressure" ratio. You would multiply this ratio at the end of the game against the individual's tracked performance. Player performance would be compared to the averages of other players in said individuals current elo in that role and on the specific champion played. The interpretation of that ratio would require data from games and soon a good or bad ratio would be established. The point of a pressure ratio is for split pushers that may not be dualists or doing direct damage to objectives such Singed but still contribute to the conditions that won the game. One thing is clear individual performance needs to differentiate LP Loss/Gain. My hope is to generate a conversation or the flow of ideas here about all the variables that constitute L.O.L. (The axioms of League). After the axioms are mapped out the algorithm follows resulting in a fairer rank ladder that would have an accurate representation and spread of player skill and "climber friendly" for players that have outgrown their current elo. Also, this makes games far less toxic because less Lp is lost because of trolls, afks, feeder, players on tilt etc. by the mitigation of individual performance. Please share you thoughts and ideas and or opions. Thank you, Notion Z
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