Let's talk about Second Wind

Hello everyone, and welcome to my yet another Boards post. In today's discussion, I'd like to talk a bit about a rune that has specifically got under my skin ever since it was released, and while it might be a little biased (I'm primarily a Rumble player) I think that we can all agree that this rune could use some sort of adjustment to be less scummy, I'm talking about of course about Second Wind. Now, the reason why I think Second Wind is worth bringing up, is because of how problematic it is when you think about it on a deeper level, be it meshing with existing Doran's Shield mechanic, the mechanic itself being both extremely matchup dependant (stupidly good against champions with DoT of any sort, mediocre/laughable against anyone else), and at the same time it lacks actual gameplay clarity other than trying to guess how quickly your opponent will regenerate their hp. The rune is especially annoying when you're versing it as a DoT champion if your opponent goes for Doran's Shield and Revitalize, gaining a ton of resistance to DoT damage starting level 1 (much earlier than Tabis) that you can't do much about without grevious wounds, which for the most part are hard to obtain (for top laners sacrificing tp for ignite is still somewhat risky, while DoT champions in general, being mostly AP, must dump 3000 gold on full Morellonomicon to counter those massive regeneration spikes, but at the same time it's oftentimes too late). In those matchups this creates a very uninteractive dynamic where it's not worth for the DoT champion to trade because their damage will be regenerated anyway, and like I said earlier, without sacrificing some of your resources, potential item spikes and time, you can't do anything about it, while Second Wind/DShield users get their stuff from the beginning of the game, and can additionally spec into Spectre's Cowl which nullifies AP DoT champions even further, and again, much earlier before they can do anything about it. At the same time, strictly poke/more burst oriented champions, even ranged AA based champions don't really mind Second Wind as it's not nearly as effective against them, due to the refresh rate of this rune being lower (thus granting less regeneration), burst aspect of nuke abilities and autoattacks guarantee that this damage will have some impact on Second Wind user, whereas DoT champs will have their damage being nullified as they're dealing it. And once again, there's no indication of Second Wind being in the game other than trying to guess it, there's no indicator on the buff bar, no visual cue, nothing, I guess it's mostly because its ambient dynamic makes it so that it's not worth thinking too much about, but that's also part of the problem that this rune has. If I were to give some sort of a suggestion as to how this rune could be changed to make it more fair, moving it back to the T4 rune slot would be a good start (swapping it with Unflinching might make the most sense in my opinion), since Iron Skin and Mirrot Shell are gone, which have been known to be problematic together, there's no reason not to move Second Wind back to T4 spot, especially so that it won't be paired with Revitalize, making their niches more distinct (Revitalize if you want to amplify healing within your champion's kit, Second Wind when you want to counter DoT damage). But that still leaves it as a very uninteractive rune with its ambient effect and lack of gameplay clarity, to that, I'd like to see it more of a timed thing like Bone Plating, either keep the current functionality and give it a cooldown (20~15 seconds? With healing adjusted of course to keep it a relevant choice) or attach some sort of a condition to it, like making the healing purely based on missing health, increase that % by a ***lot*** (bump it up to something like ~25% of missing health), give it a cooldown (~75 seconds) but have it proc only when your champion drops below a certain hp threshold. Sure it still overlaps with existing mechanics in game (Volibear's passive) and massively changes its niche/function, but to me it feels much more interesting to have that sort of conditional window of power, while it still preserves ***the*** regeneration rune identity, becomes more usable in more matchups rather than one specific case, and feels a bit more exciting than just ambient regen. To Riot, I'd like to ask if you're going to look into Second Wind to make it more fair/interesting? (given how a lot of runes have been getting revamped, like Presence of Mind and Manaflow Band) To other players, what do you think about Second Wind, would you want it changed? And if so, how would you do it?
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