So reworked Conqueror is a massive buff to Crit champs

Old: 8% of your damage is converted to true and heals you. New: 15% of damage done is healing. So for every 100 damage done (225 as crit) heals for Old: 18 New: 33.75 New is mitigated by armor so you need 118( 53% reduction) Armor to be the SAME as Old. If you have less armor then 118 then New Conqueror heals the enemy for more. If the enemy has any Armor Pen then you need even more. I say this because on the PBE Yasuo, Tryn heal for INSANE amounts with Conqueror and Ravenous Hunter (30% total just from Runes) Because Crit is 225% that means the healing is 67.5% for a crit champ vs 30% for a non-crit champ.

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