To counter the damage meta, Riot is creating a healing meta, but only for few champions

Just as the title says. WIth the new conqueror, the strongest champions top lane are those who can use this rune. Jax, RIven, Irelia, Sylas, Akali, Urgot, Hecarim, Olaf and there is also Kayle and Vlad. Both scales incredible well. Aatrox will get some buffs too and one of these buffs are for his W heal and he can also use conqueror.. And for those who haven't read the PBE updates for today, Riot is changing wit's end and is giving to that item a heal. No joke. [Here is the link.]( Wit's End Total Cost: 2900g Recipe: [Recurve Bow + Negatron Cloak + Dagger + 880g] +50% Attack Speed +50 Magic Resist +5% Movement Speed UNIQUE Passive - At Wit's End: Deal [20 - 80] magic damage on hit. While below half health, heal for 25% of this effect's damage dealt - increased to 100% for Melee Champions. Basically Riot is creating items and runes for few champions that can stand at the top. They are controlling the meta more than ever did with this. Is stupid. This is worse than the resolve tree in 2018 and then everyone was able to take that tree, but not everyone can use conqueror and wit's end. There is also deaths stance. They even buffed the life steal mastery. The worst part of all this, is that the high damage is there, but the champions that can use conqueror and/or one of the items(wit's end, DD or gunblade for akali), they can have more survivability than ever with combined with high damage . They are creating unkillable monsters. Literally. Edit: I forgot to mention that the "counter" to this is to buy griveous wound items. The champions I mentioned gets a hardcore heal from items/runes and the rest have to buy an item that is not very helpful because the mentioned champions still have huge damage/burst while execution is not good for damage. They are not like Mundo in any way.
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