@Riot - Regarding your philosophy for reworks.

http://i.imgur.com/iPkFWhy.png So let me get this straight - if a popular champion like Riven or Lee Sin become the target of a rework, you're willing to revert your changes if they don't meet general expectations. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it? **So how come some of the most controversial reworks** (Cassiopeia, Mordekaiser and Veigar to name some of them) **didn't receive the same kind of consideration from you?** Not only did these reworks cause a serious breach within the playerbase, they also showed how **inherently broken** any of your reworks are. Two of those mentioned champions had abyssmal winrates for months until they finally received some much needed numberbuffs. Naturally people started picking those champions once they finally did the job they were intended to do and what's your reaction? **In several cases you gut them into unviability - and we're back to square one.** The most prominent example has to be Cassiopeia, a champion whose rework marks the worst in the history of this game so far. **Zero interaction between the people in charge of the project and the affected playerbase, extended periods of radio silence and changes that no one even asked for.** It's just too bad her name wasn't Riven or Lee Sin, otherwise she would have been spared the inevitable gutting you enacted on her few months later. Now we're stuck with a champion who's lost their identity in favor of some twisted fantasy which even went as far to destroy any previous play- or build diversity she once had. **Your reworks all seem to follow a certain pattern - you're trying to force a champion into a certain niché while removing any playstyle they had before which went beyond that perceived role.** You don't seem to understand however that **this kind of freedom** was the main reason people even played those champions since it made them **flexibile and thus a lot more viable**. By killing any diversity they once possessed, you severely **dumbed them down** while alienating the people who were dedicated enough to master those champions. I think it's about time you started taking some responsibility for what you've done instead of leaving the affected parties in the dust after you've finished **violating their beloved champions without any hope of even influencing their development**.
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