Adaptive Helm needs to be looked at.

I got stupid pissed about Adaptive and did some looking into it. Just Raw numbers nothing else. If a target with adaptive has 200 MR goes against Void, Morello's, and Sorc with no other form of Pen. 200 - 80 (void) = 120. 120 (remaining MR) - 33 (Morello and Void). = 97 MR. 97 MR = 49% damage reduction. Saying that you take 1000 RAW damage from a secondary Ryze E Q. It is cut to 510. Then adaptive takes over. 510*.8= 408 post mr and adaptive. 408 = 59.2% damage reduction. OR in MR terms. 149 MR. The lower the Base MR, the more effective Adaptive becomes. This isn't just for Ryze. Its for {{champion:268}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:143}} I left out a few other champions that it would affect. This isn't accounting for AD champions that do use multiple spells either. Even the AD equivalent is only 12% reduction. {{item:3047}} While {{item:3194}} is 20%. At least make them the same. Either make Tabi 20% or make Adaptive 12%.
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