want to make aggressive janna feasible in lane? then nerf lifesteal

then how about nerfing lifesteal? you attack the ADC 2 times, ADC attacks you once, you lose out on the trade due to lifesteal, even at lvl 1, and from there on it only gets worse, hell don't even consider harassing the enemy as janna if they have warlords blood lust, all that will do is make YOU slowly lose health as opposed to the enemy ADC. I remember when I could harass the enemy ADC and it would matter, now lifesteal is just thrown around everywhere and they can heal all of it back, even worse when you face cait or jhin, they lifesteal big amounts even at lvl 1. only way to make harassing matter is if you've actually get abilities dedicated to it, auto attacking doesn't do anything anymore, lifesteal counters it easily
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