Please give us an option to vote to disband lobby so we don't have to dodge. First game of the day, first lobby I get into, the Camille says "I'm going to run it down mid, y'all better dodge." I think he's just messing around, so I wait, he then locks in Camille ADC and I ask him "What is your reasoning for trolling?" He says "I'm not going to give this support one chance to win." And then an argument breaks out and I learn that they were on the same team last game, and that they don't like each other. I pretty much didn't care about that game, I sat in base most of the time, or just AFK walked after he intentionally ran it down 4 times, he even bought mob boots. Please, give us the option to vote to disband a lobby, if 3 people want to disband, it will leave the lobby, I'm sure as hell 3 people would have said yes in that vote, even if Camille troll voted no. Also, she wasted an extra 5 minutes because her only no vote stopped us from early surrendering, if you're going to put a vote at 15 minutes, make it like the regular vote, where 4 yesses are a surrender.
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