The Hows Of Balance: Patch 8.5

About two weeks ago [I did some math and made up a chart]( of the way Riot's been balancing over Season 8. I decided I'd continue to update along with each new patch, to follow the trends. It's a nice way to zoom out and see the forest instead of the trees. Therefore, here's ___Patch 8.5___ TL;DR: This patch has largely been damage increases and utility increases. Some cool downs have shuffled around, and *some* damage has been nerfed, but two of the three instances of damage nerfs are Berfs that result in almost 100% buffs on average. Edit: ***But not all nerfs and buffs are the same size!***: Yeah, the variance of Buffs to Nerfs is an issue, but my viewpoint is that while certain nerfs might = 2 of a different buff, on average each Nerf will = each Buff, or at 'worst' 1.3(Nerf) = 1(Buff). Once we get enough data points, we can wash out the effects of outliers, and I think we're starting to hit that point already.
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