ARAM vote cancel/auto balancing

So we had an ARAM where we had Udyr, Warwick, Rammus, Riven, and Renekton...... That is 100% a lose, and a waste of time for everyone involved. I understand ARAM is supposed to be "luck of the draw" but when you get 5 melee champs against poke ranged, you literally cant not win; unless the enemy team is entirely incompetent. Its a waste of time for everyone involved, and is frankly kind of garbage. Two solutions 1) auto balance. Make sure both teams have equal number of AP casters, ranged AD, and melee types. This would be ideal, albeit probably difficult for those that "tailor" their accounts to only have certain champs. 5 Melee vs 5 melee would be EXTREMELY fun, but 5 melee vs 5 poke is not fun at all. 2) Allow a vote withdrawal. Require 5 votes to forfeit match, count as a loss, and not waste our time playing with a horrendous team comp. I know the purists will complain about how its "random" but... fairness should be taken into consideration imo. One game I played, we had WW, maokai, and jax vs karthus, xerath, velkoz, vayne, and lucian. It was the most unfun game possible. Since these game modes are supposed to be "fun", getting stomped for 15 minutes really is against that spirit of "fun".
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