Champions that ACTUALLY need a rework

[]( {{champion:72}} - No one play's him anymore, his kit is beyond outdated and some of his abilities and scaling's on those abilities that are weak and weird. He is a mix between a tank that deals both physical and magic damage, there is no real way of building him or building against him since he more than 2 types of scalings which suggests that his kit just doesn't work properly. He's basically a dead champion that Riot forgot about at this current state, yet this champion has so much potential, looking at his lore. {{champion:36}} - People only pick him for one thing Mundo's insane health regen, even for a champion like Mundo it shouldn't be that way. Every champion is designed in a way to make use of their abilities something Mundo lacks, unless in early game. But in late game all Mundo is, is this health regeneration tank who only spams his Q at enemies, this itself says that he needs a W and E rework. {{champion:266}} - There's nothing to say when it comes to reworking Aatrox I will leave this one to Aatrox mains to explain if anyone asks why.
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