I feel like League of Legends isn't an enjoyable game.

What I mean by that title is that I feel it uses F2P mobile styles of "hooking" players through acquisition of meaningless currencies, levels and items just to keep them playing and spending, rather than being an actual fun game - at least for me. I'm not here to pretend to speak for everyone (hopefully I'm not that arrogant, at least; If it seems like I'm doing just that, please point it out to me so I can amend it) so, as a note proceeding, this is all my opinion. Uncapping levels, reducing BE gains and tying it to a gambling system, the odd RNG nature of the game, all contribute to this odd atmosphere I sit in while playing League: I'm surrounded by toxicity both by friends and enemies alike (and sometimes even people on my friends' list, though I hold them no spite) and yet whenever I ask why people keep playing when they even _**admit**_ they aren't having fun, I get no real response other than "I'm addicted" and I feel almost like Riot knows that their addiction-based roulette model hooks players as it does. Evidently they're trying to make the game more than just that with their more recent patches ~~even if we were requesting it for the entirety of S7 and the first half of S8.~~ I can even see the difference in tolerance and toxicity for people on my friends list; Most of them used to be extremely kind, laid-back, never really cared much what people played and always tried their best and... more recently... that has changed for the worst, where currently I'm sitting at a full 75%~ of my friends list who doesn't play, and the people who do are far more abrasive than they ever should rightfully be, knowing them in the past up until now. All of this...? All of this leads me to wonder why I even open it every once in a while at friends' behest, knowing that chances are I'll wind up either pissing a friend off because I didn't go my 74% WR KleptoSona or otherwise sharing their misery as Tryndamere goes 0/3/0 after complaining about me and my pick. The only reason I've resisted being toxic to this point is because as what I believe I am - a Seishin Tenko kitsune, a messenger of Inari - I adhere to a code of honor that restricts me from getting in peoples' way unless they're getting in others' way; Freedom for All, Rule for None. I love/d this game, but... seeing my friends list go from mild-mannered, appreciative people to people who will literally hate on someone else for no real reason at all... it depresses me, and I can guess that it's just because the game isn't too fun to play... but it's just a guess.
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