Aatrox lost his damage, his heals, his revive and his unique play-style

As the title states, Aatrox has lost everything that made him Aatrox.He lost his old W which allowed us to choose either to have more sustain or sacrifice hp to do massive damage.He lost his passive, He also lost his revive, he also lost much of his damage and passive abilities that gave him his sustain. Please Riot, give him some of his uniqueness back. Either give him back his old passives or some new one which gives him much needed power. There are plenty of ideas in the aatroxmains reddit. EDIT: people seem to not understand what I meant, with all the nerfs he is basically a much slower and weaker riven. His q's are slower than riven's, riven's dash gives a shield, riven's ult gives ad too and another ability on top, finally riven gets an auto attack buff after every ability, aatrox's has a huge cd. I am not saying he should return into a broken champion, but the nerfs he took were too harsh. Im not asking for the old aatrox either
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