Riot, tanks respectfully request another role we are allowed to play

Hello Riot. It's us, the non-support tanks. Regarding your latest jungle changes, you've added 100g to the combine cost of our basic jungle items, and it's giving us the idea that not only do you really not want us jungling, we can no longer defy you and do it anyway. See, after pitifully clearing two to three camps and going back, we're lucky if we can scrape together 450 gold, and without any potions at all our second clear will be just as sad as the first, at which point we will be several levels and hundred gold behind everyone else. Given that our itemization tends to only be 80-75% gold efficient anyway and that's before penetration...trying to jungle seems like it'll give us about as much success as trying to be the ADC. So here's our resume again, Riot. Tanks: Rammus Sejuani Hecarim Zac Volibear Amumu Chogath Maokai Nautilus Galio. Currently unemployed, our goals are simple. We would like to be A) hard to kill, B) capable of engaging the enemy and applying strong crowd control and C) flexible enough to trade off our survivability for a bit of damage somehow through tank/damage items if we absolutely have to hurt things. We would like a new designated lane. May we suggest some ideas, Riot? Maybe throw us in as a counter to those assassins in midlane, or strengthen our early game against ranged tops? Those are a couple lanes that could really use another point in their balance triangle. Really, we'd be happy anywhere you'd agree not to aggressively nerf us out of again. Talk to us, Riot, let's have a constructive conversation. We make up a whole unique class of your game, we have considerable trade offs, we make big flashy plays, let's figure out where we can be.
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