Ranked Match Making.

Okay a little context before I get into my critique. This is my 4th account. I'm not an amazing player by any means. I'm very average, and consistent at my role as a jungler. I usually end up making it to gold to each season. However around the time I get to gold 3 my match ups start to feel a little more skewed to one side or another. I can almost call out which games I'll win or lose within the first 5 minutes of the game. I don't know if this is to maintain a 50/50 W/L Ratio, but the game forces really awkward matches. I'm not blaming my team, because there are games I play poorly or simply get outplayed. However, if every lane gets completely completely destroyed, before the match even makes it to the 10-15 minute mark, then there is an issue. This is either a bottleneck, or I'm just not good enough. I just keep rerolling accounts, to start fresh. Please give me advice or feedback.
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