For those earning less LP than they lose.... I have a question.

How often do you dodge or surrender? I watched a video recently that said that a hidden penalty that people dont realize (though they were talking high elo of high diamond-challenger) is that dodging will hurt your mmr, which influences how much LP you gain and lose. So i am curious if there could be truth to this matter. I added in surrender voting mostly to see if there is a difference between those that surrender more vs those that play a game through even if it ends up being a loss. Quite honestly this sounds very plausible and could be the reason so many people are seeing less lp gain and more lp loss. Everyone has their reasons for it which if they want to share they can... if not, dont... but perhaps this could be some info some people are looking for. ___ Edit: By the way, the reason that it hurts the LP is because it lowers your mmr is the reason that the person gave.
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