Baron is broken and needs to be tuned down

Seriously, whoever gets this thing will win the game if played correctly. It's actually the highest value objective in the game right behind taking 3 inhibitors and the nexus. However, the biggest issue with this objective is that it's extremely easy to take. Seriously send a tank and an ADC there and they can take it. Killed the enemy jungler? Well, guess what? The baron is fucking free, literally have fun winning the rest of the game at 25 minutes. It's honestly no wonder towers are so weak and snowballing is busted when you get these stupid buffed minions at 22~ minutes that take 4 tower shots to kill and deal about as much damage to the tower as a tank AA to it. I know we're not changing the jungle next season, but honestly, they need to look into baron. That shit is the most broken objective in the game.
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