Questions Regarding Interactions among Champions Involving Mordekaiser 's New R

In general, what's the rule of thumb for Mordekaiser's R affecting a crowd controlled enemy champion? Now on to specifc but might be overlapping questions... Question 1. What would happen if enemy {{champion:164}} Camille ulted our {{champion:22}} ADC then {{champion:82}} Mordekaiser ults enemy {{champion:164}} Camille? What would happen to her ultimatum? My guess is that her ultimatum gets canceled as she's in another realm. Question 2. What would happen if Mordekaiser ults enemy {{champion:78}} Poppy while she charges her ult up? I dont know what happens if champions cannot move outside of the realm's circle. Question 3. The presence of {{champion:350}} Yuumi in Mordekaiser's target after the click? My guess is that Yuumi gets detacted. Question 4. What happens if Mordekaiser R clicks {{champion:35}} Shaco's false clone? My guess is Shaco's false clone gets transported to the realm while the real one stays and fights? Question 5. What happens if Mordekaiser R clicks one of {{champion:154}} Zac's blob? My guess is that one of the blob gets transported to the realm and the rest 3 combine in the Summoner's rift? Seriously this one's the hardest. Question 6. What happens to {{champion:203}} Kindred's respite ground if Mordekaiser ults them after them using respite? My guess is Kindred's respite gets completely ignored since it's anothe realm and low HP Kindred dies to Mordekaiser? Question 7. What happens to the status of taunt after getting ulted by Mordekaiser's R? example) Ally {{champion:33}} Rammus taunts enemy ADC and Mordekaiser Rs enemy ADC while taunted My guess is it's an another realm so probably taunt will be removed as Mordekaiser ults a champion? Question 8. Lastly, what would be happen to the effect of items such as {{item:3118}} and {{item:3050}} My guess is it's an another realm so probably the item's effect won't take place? Thank you...

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