i like rakan, but at the same time i don't

his q doesn't really make too much sense. the skillshot is very small, short range, and the heal is negligible unless you're going windspeaker's blessing/stacking a ton of AP his w's alright, but its extremely telegraphed and not too challenging to dodge as long as you remember to run to the exit closest to you instead of just backpedaling constantly his e, eh the shield is barely more than lee's shield, and while the 2 charges are nice, late game that shield is really not protecting anyone from getting blown up. his r is pretty cool, and really decides whether or not his w is a good ability. r then w into a grp is nice for an instant charm/knockup, but honestly they counteract eachother since its a 1s charm and 1s knockup. only getting the benefit of one of those cc's all in all, i think he's kind of underwhelming and see no real reason to pick him over{{champion:432}}.
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