Hey, the depressed soraka main from the reddit post got back to diamond!

And with a 82% win rate! Original post: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7yijom/im_miserable_most_honest_and_sad_post_wrote_by_a/ Proof: https://i.imgur.com/keGbpWS.jpg In the last few days i ultra fast climbed and I would like to give people the opportunity to ask me anything as there was a lot of support for my previous post and I wanted to give something back for the community as they were friendly towards me! Ok, so here is a summary of how I ultra fast climbed from stuck low plat to diamond in a matter of days. The solution had 3 steps: 1- to always play with an adc friend. 2- to use positive verbal communication through the new voice system and keep it fun 3- to do something fun and original in game so I could feel like being myself again and motivate me to win! The reason I felt I couldn't win was motivated by the fact I was not having fun with the game and couldn't have fun with soraka how i used to. Because every match was dreadful to me I played without passion and never actually gave it my best. To change it I decide to play with a friend with the condition that in many games we had to both play my minigame and both use guardian in the bot lane. The double guardian would help me to save him, save me and also save other friends too! Because it was generally a health buff to everyone in the team I could feel a little better about the damage creep and that made me have lots of fun! We learned a lot about that rune too and there is a lot of mechanics involving that rune that i never knew about. For example, it's important to die in a correct position if you have this rune on CD as that rune can activate from your dead body. Cool right? Also the rune range extend if I starcall a friend or if i'm in the circle of varus E, even if both those skills are not helpful skills. The rune don't stack with itself at the same time, but will activate after the other one finishes if new damage come through. There are many other things but in the end the goal here is not to explain too much about exactly what I did to have fun, but that I found again ways to have fun. It's not the most optimized way to play the game, but made me feel better again about something I could do to make the damage of the game lower [what was a tilter for me]. We soon realized that I was playing better and better and we agreed to stick to some combo just to make sure we would have fun but also win some games [in that case was Varus R + Soraka E]. Fun theory to think about: because we both have revitalize, both guardians are buffed by both revitalizes at the same time. I just feel more happier and I have to say that the ingame voice chat helped with that too. If you have any questions feel free to ask me! Having fun really made me untilt and take the game seriously [somewhat] again. I also had some games with predator soraka and they were fun too! I should answer tomorrow! Thx guys! EDIT: My op.gg: http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=siegfriedx1 Here is a print showing that I climbed back from my sadness with a 82% win rate after following those steps. https://i.imgur.com/180vanw.jpg
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