Pyke Changes upcoming to 9.13

Upcoming changes Listed below for 9.13 Bone Skewer (Q): Stap Targeting Paradigm:: AoE (30% reduced damage on non-champions) >>> Single target (Nearest unit, preferring nearest champion) [Removed]:: Stab 15% bonus damage Cooldown:: 14/12.5/11/9.5/8 >>> 12/11/10/9/8 Ghostwater Dive (W): Movement Speed:: 40% (Decaying to 0% over 5 seconds) >>> 40/45/50/55/60% (decaying to 0% over 5 seconds) Phantom undertow (E) [Removed] Damages non-champions -------- There was almost another nerf to his passive, making it to where the regeneration from your passive would be moved over to his Ghostwater Dive (W) and making it to where he could only proc this regeneration in his camouflaged state, but this change was canceled around a week as of this post. -------- I believe that these nerfs will effectively not just kill solo lane Pyke, but hurt a good amount of the versatility that riot was reaching for when they made an AD Assassin support. They are making it to where he will have a hard time helping the allied ADC shove lane with the fact that the E will no longer hit minions, and changing his Q to single target damage on top of lowering the bonus from the stab completely. In my opinion,the ability change to his E alone should have been enough to kill solo lane Pyke, but all of these changes on top of each other will hurt Pyke's damage immensely, and he might not be getting the same treatment as S7 Azir when they completely killed the champion's win rate for months without buffs, but it will still be a huge hit to his poke, his all ins, and his over all assassin aspect of his kit. With these changes it will be much harder to punish enemy ADC's and supports for over extending into minion wave, and will punish you more for trying to frontline for your ADC at any point in the game, trading off your Q damage for lower cooldowns on the ability instead. I am sure this AOE removal is a part of the riot team trying to kill solo lane pyke, but even if the Q had its AOE damage, you would not be able to out shove most laners, unless against a very passive early lane or getting a heavy early lead and getting a fast tiamat. Even with the removal of the AOE damage, I feel that the combination of the removed effects on his Q will effect his over all usefulness in all situations heavily, and punish him greatly for attempting to take small trades to poke down an enemy laner, even if they are a late scaling ADC that has nearly no damage in the early game he will lose most trades, and because of the E changes he will not be able to be nearly as aggressive already. Against a support like Nautilis, Leona, Alistar, or Thresh he already has a pretty rough laning phase due to their tankiness, but the reduced Q damage will make these lanes into monstrous lanes where you are doomed to either fail to protect your ADC, or to have to play an AFK lane for 10-15 minutes at least, when you will be able to roam and help other lanes while your ADC is most likely forced out of a decent bit of their CS due to your lack of trading potential. This is the thoughts that I have had on these changes, and hope that they will not nerf his Q as hard as they are planning to. This change will make {{champion:555}} seem as threatening as {{champion:350}}, and make him hit like {{champion:16}}
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