Turns out I'm not crazy when I say 90% of my games are jungler coin flips

I've always had the suspicion that my games are pretty much jungler coin flips, but for the first time I actually look at the data for my matches to determine if it's true. Methodology: I looked at my recent 50 ranked games. The jungler determined the game if their jungler won game with a significantly higher performance. Junglers with identical performances are rated inconclusive but still are added to the pool of data as games not determined. Games not determined means the jungler won while not having the better performance. My last 50 games are in low to high diamond (one of which included Imaqtpie, a famous streamer). There is a high range because for several games in a row I got the better jungler, allowing me to get from diamond 4 to diamond 2 in about 2 day. Recently I have fallen to diamond 3 due to inferior junglers. The data includes: 2 inconclusive, 5 games not decided by jungler, and 43 games decided by jungler. The most popular jungler during this period is Graves. This means 86% of my recent 50 games were decided by jungler, in part proving my point that junglers are extremely strong right now in terms of determining the fate of the game. I can however not say this with certainty, as the games were not randomly selected, and I'm only looking at the recent games (I cannot say that the entire season has been determined by jungler, although I have that suspicion as well.) However, since all of these games are solo queue games, the data does have some validity in my opinion. Solution: There must be blanket nerfs to junglers in the preseason, otherwise I will frankly stop playing ranked completely until such jungle nerfs come to fruition. Suggested changes: Reduced gold from jungle creeps until you have tier 2 jungle item. After tier 2 you actually get more xp and gold than before. Then revert change that makes it to where you get reduced gold and xp from lane minions if you're ahead in cs Increase damage of all jungle creeps Increase health of all jungle creeps Slightly decrease xp of all jungle creeps Remove hp gain from smite Remove heal from taking scuttle Decrease gold cost of tier 3 jungle items, increase gold cost of tier 2 jungle items. Increase cost of tier 1 to 400 gold. Decrease base stats of current hyper carry junglers such as graves and Evelynn. These champions should not be able to be the best early mid and late game. Increase their scaling to compensate (make the pick have actual trade offs.) Comments: Thank you to any rioter who reads and considers my comments. I feel the base game is actually quite good right now; it's just the jungle and few mid champs that are making the game less fun right now in terms of competitive play. Riot criticized this as having too small sample size (not true) and having poor methodology due to being anecdotal (not true, because I'm studying and making a conclusion on my matches.) The only actual problem is that the match selection is non random.

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