The case for point-and-click hard CC

*Please* read this entire post before you downvote and leave an angry comment telling me how i'm a worthless subhuman who doesn't understand this game. So, I hear a lot of people complaining a lot about champions such as {{champion:90}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:117}} that have point-and-click hard CC, with the main argument i hear being that they nullify the ability of skilled players to fight multiple enemies who are less skilled than them. While this might be true (To an extent), I'm here today to argue that undodgeable hard CC is an essential part of how teamfights should work in this game. Also, just to fully put my cards on the table, yes, I do play quite a few of these champions. However, I also play several champions that can get completely screwed over in a fight by this type of CC ({{champion:497}} {{champion:555}} and occasionally {{champion:157}}) so I hope you can see this as something other than just blatant bias. First off, I'm going to talk about this mythical type of player who wins all his/her games by fighting 1v5 and killing the entire enemy team. The fact of the matter is that unless you are A.Smurfing or B.Ridiculously fed, you should not be able to win a 1v5 under normal circumstances. Now, you may have games where you get insanely fed off of one player on {{champion:92}} , only to get Malz ulted and die in a 1v3. While that sucks, what sucks worse is having one person on the enemy team get insanely fed off of a poor player and not being able to stop them. Why can't you stop them? This leads into point two. Point Two: Hyper-mobility. Okay, raise your hand if you can consistently land crowd-control skillshots on champions like Yas, Riven, or Yi. Okay, now put your hand down. The problem with these champions is that if the enemy player has even a modicum of mechanical skill, they can easily dash to one side or the other and dodge any skillshot no matter how well-placed they are. Being able to dodge skillshots is an important part of these champion's kits, and I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed to do that, but there has to be some other way to stop them. This gets me into point three: the idea of there being "no counterplay." While there are some exceptions, most point-and-click cc is very short-range or puts the user at some substantial risk, meaning that if you are playing a teamfight correctly by getting flanks off rather than jumping straight onto 5 people they will have a much harder time stopping you. Also, QSS exists, meaning that even these "No counterplay" abilities absolutely do have counterplay. Finally, I would raise the question in turn: Where's the counterplay to Yasuo dashing around in your entire team at Mach 3 and shredding them with his Q? Thanks for reading, and I hope I've adjusted your perspective somewhat on one of the less popular mechanics in the game.

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