Glitterlance slow now lasts the intended duration (WAIT WHAT!!)

Your telling me the whole time the slow wasnt 2 SECONDS (LULU main here) Every time I hit someone with my lvl 1 glitterlance I always say " Take my 2 second slow bitches" (I was so excited because of the buff) but in reality I was hitting 1 second decaying slow since patch 6.13. WTF why it took you so long to figure out you didnt make the change but somehow you change the skill description. This reminds me of another situation with lulu where you said in the skill description of polymorph that its duration was 2.5 seconds but in reality the whole time it was 2.25 seconds. Then later on you change it in the skill description. I feel like you need to check lulu skills numbers (duration , range and stats) to see if she is actually following it
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