Conqueror feels like a band aid for crappy itemization

im really sick today so I won't make this as long as I want to while I agree with the current iteration of conqueror on PBE I cant help but feel like it (and most keystones to be honest) is just a way to sidestep the flawed itemization that fighters currently have. for context, fighter items arent really "terrible" so much as they are too spread out without really covering the entire class's needs. most fighters can't use all of the new items and the strong fighters right now are mostly entirely the ones who can. currently all we really have is HP and AD and triforce BS. somewhat annoyingly, I think, Riot has made fighters more "loaded" to account for this, so it ends up not really being the items so much as it is the items in the context of all these nu-fighters. but a lot of fighters right now don't always want these items. Fighters cant usually buy Last Whisper anymore because it's too squishy relative to seasons 5-4 and earlier when they were tankier and this item was very desirable on them then. they don't buy ravenous hydra anymore, a lot of them skip out on tank items now, and so on. basically fighters are squishier in every way but have been made to make up for it through 2 means; having ridiculous innate defense (xin, irelia, etc) and deleting people so much faster than they used to that they give the illusion of being durable. (Titanic Hydra makes this problem a lot worse because it exemplifies the problem I have with this new design; the burst on this item is ridiculous.) for example, on hit fighters like shyvana and Volibear don't really have good item choices. Real on hit builds that go beyond Titanic and maybe 1 additional leave them far too squishy to function. Not every fighter can use DD efficiently despite the item being VERY strong. And so on. Steraks is OP of course and basically every fighter slots it now. Pure AA fighters don't really have a lot of attack speed options because they might not have the cooldowns for Trinity and BORK, again, leaves them too squishy at any point you buy it right now to ever be able to fit it on your build. the result is that fighters who can conveniently use this broad combo of items the best (abusing sheen spam and the overabundance of AD) while also having strong innate defense are crowding out a lot of other fighters who can only use one or 2 of these items or who have kits that get their defense purely from items. and riot seems to be very intent on pushing more fighters into investing heavily into AD and I don't like that very much; I think the largest and most varied class deserves an equally varied choice in items basically what fighters have lost (as a class, different on a per champion basis); - health - health regen - armor and MR - lifesteal - antikite from old randuin's - penetration (from BC nerfs as well as battering blows mastery being removed) and then conqueror comes in and puts up a good amount of these missing needs all in one neat little package. I don't really like that, even if I like the rune at least as a temporary quick fix. But I know it probably won't be a quick fix and it'll stick around which is why I don't like it. I think that if the fighter issue is gonna be solved then it needs to be solved through items. Conqueror is a bandaid and I don't think Riot should treat it like a real fix. ps delete keystones
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