Glacial Augment is Decent.

Personally I think Glacial Augment compliments {{champion:43}}, {{champion:99}} and {{champion:37}}. It’s pretty useful, short cool-down and adds more poke potential. Been trying it out a few times, it saved my life and some other teammates life at times. Adc was able to kite a little easier when I threw in a extra slow after I used all my abilities. Also with the added bonus of it’s effects are active items having a freeze ray. Karma: Slow and cool-down reduce. Great set up. Lux: Extra slowing after the root has worn off. Also pops passive. Sona: It’s almost like having song of celerity’s debuff attack ready at all times. Though this rune probably falls when it comes to high rank plays. Then I will go either Aery or Comet like hundreds of other supports do.
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