Gathering Storm should work every 5 min. instead of every 10 min.

Just cut the ap bonus in half since its every 5 minutes. I don't think I have seen anyone take this rune after the first 2 to 3 weeks of pre season because its just so bad. It just takes too long for it to start working for just an AP/AD bonus. Especially when its competing with scorch which grants bonus damage right off the bat. It seems like its trying to match Transcendence (_**gain 10% cool down reduction at the 10 min. mark**_) when the pay off for the two at the 10 minute mark being drastically different. Transcendence works at the 10 minute mark because it offers a meaningful power spike for playing with one rune down for the first 10 minutes. Compared to the 8 AP or 5 AD of gathering storm which is basically nothing. It takes at least 20 minutes before this rune realistically starts to gain value. 10 minute gaps for so little value is just not worth it in the early game. You need to throw players a bone and make it every 5 minutes otherwise its just too little too late by the time the 20 minute mark comes along. TLDR The progession of power on this rune needs to be a little more occasional that what it currently is. Edit: making a post before going to sleep and then seeing it make top front page is the best, thx boards

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