Games are worse because Riot promotes selfishness as their business strategy.

I am coming to realize that for solo queue, there is very little methods in place to encourage everyone working as a team. We have no voice communication as a default (the old curse client was a great thing and I don't know why Riot pressured them to get rid of it; they didn't even give us a good alternative), muting is encouraged, champions are made more self reliant (Riot has admitted in their design notes that they intentionally make champs self proficient so players aren't punished for their champ choice), and Riot has done little to enforce more competitiveness in its playerbase. Even the tips they show during the loading screen and start of the match are just funny random trivia, and nothing informative like "Be very careful walking into fog of war without vision. There may be an ambush waiting!" Instead, we get little quirky stuff which shows how Riot views its fanbase. Team Builder was a good thing. It let players fill into a lobby, chat, and discuss strategies before queuing up. And if someone tried to troll, everyone could vote to kick said person. This was the best way to do ranked queue, and I had lot more enjoyable experience being in it. Then it was removed. The reason, I can't remember fully, but I know it had something to do with "ranked timings." This also explains why matchmaking has gotten worse. Riot wants faster games, so they compromised rankings to get faster games. Instead of waiting to match up with almost the perfect equal set of teammates and enemies, you will now find people who don't even deserve to be playing in your elo on your team. Then when you see that silver player get absolutely owned by either the gold or plat player simply due to difference of skills, and cause a game ending snowball, it causes people to go to reddit or these boards and complain. The community becomes angrier, people feel like their games are worse, and then you are stuck in a feedback loop where nothing is getting done. Every ranked feels like you're playing in a vacuum with no human beings. Stuck in your own world without any incentive to work with the other person. All of Riot's designs for League of Legends surrounds selfishness, and is why the game has all the problems it does. Social, game design, and psychological. Buy the latest skin, like the new meme video, vote for your favorite streamer to be on this rival team, open these new limited loot boxes with random prizes...see anything missing? That's right, nothing game related at all. Nothing to encourage any game training or cooperation with your peers. League of Legends is a skinnerbox designed to keep everyone playing and spending money, with little effort or push toward increasing the gameplay integrity that has defined League since its Dota days. One day, we'll either get a classic mode, or a new developer to give us an alternative game, or nothing at all.

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