"NEW" Garen on hit effects

So in addition to my [previous post](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/zp1oYqfH-riste-explains-the-new-garen-changes). Here is a list of all the possible items/ keystones / effects that work with the new garen E. Press the attack Conqueror Phase rush Aery {{item:3153}} blade of the ruined king {{item:3748}} titanic hydra {{item:3074}} ravenous hydra {{item:3124}} rage blade {{item:1041}} machete {{item:1416}} blood razor {{item:3078}} Tri-Force {{item:3025}} ice born gauntlet {{item:3031}} infinity edge {{item:3044}} phage {{item:3100}} lich bane (not sure why you would, but putting here for clarity sake ) {{item:3071}} black cleaver ( both passives ) {{item:3077}} tiamat {{item:3091}} wits end {{item:3072}} blood thirster {{item:3813}} deaths dance {{item:4302}} relic shield ( again, not sure why you would, but I don't judge ) {{item:3057}} sheen {{item:3022}} frozen mallet
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