Counterplay is something you can use your skills to dodge some lethal burst

I'm talking about the burst mechanism of {{champion:7}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:63}} (example) with delayed burst that you can dodge/ re-position yourself to avoid dmg, and this should be what a healthy burst is But not these burst (deleting) mechanism {{champion:91}} {{champion:141}} (in assassin form), you die in 2 seconds and nothing you can do (Undodgable delayed dmg) {{champion:92}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:1}} Deleting you in 1 seconds with ult on {{champion:45}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:29}} Press R to delete one/ whole team {{champion:62}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:21}} abusing{{item:3147}} Disclaimer: I'm NOT saying the above champs are overpowered and just I'm saying that these deleting potential are NOT fun to play against as there is minimal counterplay to that Upvote if you agree
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