Can we please address how blatantly bullshit Fiora's Riposte is?

Yeah, you can play around it. At least, you *could* until Fiora players figured out you could riposte mid Fking dash. And also build pure tank while wrecking you because lol muh true damage. She has a massive amount of power in unavoidable damage, and she basically auto wins most lanes if she gets lucky and the vital respawns right where she's aaing you. Have you ever had that happen? She procs a vital, then it respawns in the same spot so she smacks you again for a crapload of max health true damage. Even the max health true damage I can deal with. Even her crazy healing. ** My problem is that Riposte is a blanket solution to any amount of cc or damage, and she is rewarded even if she fails to mitigate anything significant with a powerful movement speed and attack speed slow.** I'm okay with it blocking a lot of things. Maybe not true damage or ignite but, I can deal with that. What I can't deal with is her being able to do it at the drop of the hat, without having to aim the skillshot what so ever. So I have a suggestion to Riot so that Fiora isn't an auto-win for the team that locks her in the LCS and she isn't as blatantly bullshit to deal with. **Why not make Riposte a cone similar to Annie's Incinerate, and only block abilities from within that cone?** This reinforces her dueling fantasy, she has to outplay you by expert positioning, instead of just baiting an ult or mashing W when you get caught. It also lets you punish her if you manage to get the jump on her. Also, remove the fucking slow.
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