Why is autofill a thing srsly?

Like srsly why is it a thing below anything like masters? to shorten game times not really you save maybe 30 seconds at best at my elo P1 queue times are 3 mins not even long so why do we have auto fill enabled ? all it does is save maybe like a minute max since alot of people just dodge which wastes time anyways so its not like auto fill is saving time in that respect since that person now has to wait 5 mins to requeue so he didnt get any time saved form auto fill the the other people also have to wait in queue again so they haven't been saved any time by auto fill and if the game goes through then all that happens is one teams experience is severely hindered since now they have one person who is not as skilled at that role playing against someone who is much more experienced at said role and can impact it to a degree you cant so it literally does nothing for nobody just wastes time and game quality but considering riot games has no idea what they are doing I guess it makes sense auto fill is a thing all they know how to do lately is be greedier really sad how far riot has gone to keep their greed going while not fixing blatant issues with the game .
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