Riot im going to explain to you why your game is complete shit and has been complete shit.

You guys have somehow made this game where tanks are gods. Straight to the point, if you take any non tank champion vs a tank champion and put them with equal gold and levels, the tank will win every single time. A tanks role is to absorb damage, and for some dumb fucking reason you guys have made tanks hit as hard or harder than champions who build pure damage. Do you know what the term glass cannon means? You have somehow turned glass cannons into just glass. This is why nobody wants to play adc in the bot lane anymore. Tanks are downright way too overpowered. A tank that is building tank items and not damage should never be able to 1v1 a champion who has built pure damage. Thats how every game that has ever had a tank in it has ever worked. Tanks who build pure tank and still hit like a fucking truck is the reason this game is complete garbage and I honestly can't believe you have let this game get to this point. You've ruined a perfectly good game. 1st thing I would do is get rid of fucking ghostcrawler because that jackass ruined World of Warcraft and you guys seem to think bringing him on to your dev team was a great idea, its not. He's going to ruin league of legends even more than what it is. Fix tanks, make tanks not do nearly as much damage as what they do. Garen's and Darius's doing true damage (a lot of it at that) is absolutely absurd. Hope to see more adc's in the next seasons, but it will never happen if you keep nerfing damage champions and buffing tanks when tanks are already broken as is. Vayne used to be a god if you got big and not she feels so subpar is unreal. In closing, Fuck you riot for destroying a game that I have loved since season 2. Sincerely, Crmsn
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