No one talking about how Dark Harvest has literally broken pyke now?

For some reason, ulting someone will proc dark harvest which can lower them into execute threshold. With the base damage buff, lethality change, and dark harvest, without even completing an item pyke can have a 425 damage ult.... {{item:3134}} {{item:1036}} {{item:1036}} + 12 ad in new runes, 57 bonus AD. which adds about 45 damage to his ult. Already at 297. 17 Lethality from rune and dirk adds another 25. So alone, without dark harvest hes at 322. With dark harvest, this adds 65 damage (lets say hes level 8) plus an extra 15 from the bonus AD portion, and lets say 3 souls for another 24 for a total of 104 damage. 426 damage with level one execute. Without his ult base damage buff of 50 and lethality changes, he'd be down 75 damage, coupled with dark harvest, meaning from release his level 1 ult damage has basically increased by 179. What the fuck riot.
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