WTF is that i have never seen that in league since my 6 years of playing

I played 3 games since last update. in those 3 games, around min 5 the jungler comes bot or top when you backed and pushes until they destroy the turret. he will stay even if you come back until they get first turret. Result min. 6-9. the first turret is down and with the gold advantage the snowball begins. WTF is this. In those games, this hapenned while no lane got a real advantage on the other side... come on wtf is this new way of playing ? If this continues like this junglers who farm their jungle and which do ganks will be useless compared to the ones pushing. New meta S8 : A wild jungler appeared he joins a laner or a bot lane until they get first turret and the gold. It's super effective so, if your jungler play classic clear jungle + ganks in early your team is lost. the main problem is that : In the past seasons even being 3 at lvl 5-6 it would take you at least 1 min to destroy a turret you'll need at least 2 waves of creeps if the tower is undamaged. Now it takes 15 secs and only one wave is suficient... You haven't the time to comeback and if you stay you'll be poked hard until you have to back... The time your jungler comes the turret is down... And if you tell me ah this already hapenned in past seasons... I know the difference please i am playing since s2, so i've seen a lot of things in this game (probably things that some of you had and will never see) : I have more than 5000 games played... i never made any placement game before season 5. Because they didn't really interested me. During season 6 i finally decided to invest some time to ranked games. (my elo max was Gold iv). S7 i didn't want to play a lot of ranked so i staid in silver. Finally if this continues like this i will loose all my interest in ranked games. In the past season the rankeds were intense, interesting and there was a real competition to know who would have the advantage in late game. For what i have seen, Its not like those things already seen in league in the past... we were in lane we saw him we got under turret and he staid like 4 min in lane pushing while our jungler was ganking other lanes. He staid until they dived and we backed and they destroyed the turret. And this hapenned in the 3 games, not only in bot lane. i know about the lane basics and advanced techniques : Freezing, when you are supposed to push and when you can back etc. Please understand that i know all of those things. when the jungler stays permantly in the opponents lane pushing with the botlane during 4 mins without going back to jungle or into a bush. playing like it was a 3 vs 2 and this hapenned in 3 games in a row... Those junglers stay permantly in lane pushing and poking permantly until you have to back because you and your mate are under 10% of life.... After that they get the turret. That is not how the game was played before the pre season... They look for the weakest of an opponent lane to make this The great difference between past and now is that now they wont leave the lane until the first turret is down. By not leaving in mean they play the game as they were top laners, mid laner, supps or adc. They farm they push, they stay they poke and dont leave and that during 4-5min. ...
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