I had a bad game. You had a good game. You are carrying. I accept that.

Why did I have a bad game? A number of reasons. It could be that I miscalculated on a play and simply lost (if it makes you feel better, I got “outplayed). It could be that I died to an early gank and now the wave has froze under the enemies tower and I have to over-extend or risk falling so far behind that it would actually be worse than me dying a few more times (if it makes you feel better, I’m “feeding.”) It could be that my laner got FB in an invade (it happens) and I’m behind from the moment the lane starts and the guy is a jayce, renekton, or Kled. That means that towers really don’t matter and they can dive me repeatedly with there being little available for me to do about it but simply hope I can outplay it (if it makes you feel better, I’m “inting). Point is, there’s millions of reasons why i could be doing poorly and there’d are possibly millions of solutions to it. Debating it is pointless because unless I’m actually intentionally feeding, it is what it is. Everyone has bad games. Everyone has good games. For those having good games while others on your team are having a bad game: Their bad game does not excuse bad plays that you make on your own. If you get caught, that is your fault. If you engage by yourself without anyone following up because they’re not close to you, that is your fault. I’m also not going to make bad plays and die just because you think it’ll be worth some trade - I’m fine with it if we are getting a fight on our terms so you can be successful. In fact, I have no problem at all with dying to enable you when you’re strong. I’ll do everything I can to empower you. But that doesn’t mean I’ll accept bad conditions that may hopefully result on you carrying a fight - if there are better options, I will elect to avoid stupid plays that result in your death. I want to enable you, but not at the expense of my life for your ego. I’ll even be willing to listen to your calls, but once again, not if it’s a stupid play. Regardless, players do this all the time and it’s ridiculous. You know what you are doing when you blame your teammates bad game for your stupid plays? You’re self-handicapping. It’s ok that you make a bad play, because I had a bad game so ultimately it won’t be your fault because I fed and you didn’t. Except that logic doesn’t hold water. If you’re out only hope of winning and you die needlessly in a bad play, you’re just as responsible for our loss as I am because you mismanaged your power and responsibility. Sure, we could argue all day about who is more at fault, but does it really matter? No, because you still made a stupid play that lost the game when there was still an opportunity to win. And that is what players in this situation do all the time. They self-handicap because if they can’t carry, they can fall back on it being everyone else’s fault. And that’s a shitty attitude to have, and you lose more games than you’d like to think you do on account of that.
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