Come on guys, Dynamic queue really is better

Really what could you not like about 24 minute queue times? You need that time anyway to emotionally prepre yourself for the 4 man troll premade you're going to get matched with. Seems pretty well thought out to me. The best part is how one team always wins with 45 more kills than the other. That way theres no shred of hope of coming back and winning, quite a smart way to shorten the game times by making everyone surrender out of compete and utter despair. DynamQueue even fosters a more friend filled environment! Because if you want any chance of winning you have to get 4 friends in premade. Which isn't possible because you never have 4 friends who can all play at the same time. But that's ok because as riot said everyone is having more fun with D Queue than with that dumb old boring solo queue. After all, how could you not have fun watching the enemy team push down 4 towers while you wait for your 70 second death timer to count down? I dont even need to remind you all how receptive riot has been to all the feedback of it's player base recently. You all should take a big step back and realize truly what a gift we have in Dynamic Queue. Thank you, riot. Sincerely
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