ADC's are broken and out of control(Draven is one of the highest abusers of stormrazor yet)

Somebody is desperate and decided to necro a 17 days old 'adcs are weak' post to make attention away from this real problem. Top 7 broken ADCs according to dmg/ 1. DRAVEN 2. MISS FORTUNE 3. LUCIAN 4. jhin??? 5. kaisa 6. tristana 7. kog maw others vayne(idontplaytanks) ban them then play whatever u like it will be more fun and intuitive This could be a draven problem but when looking at other ADC's they seem to always allow little room for enemies and assassins to go all in them while they stand near a braum or their whole team while they just constantly auto attack you 2 or 3 times and you're dead gg you lose. One ADC literally clicks R and erases all enemies(Miss Fortune) Woah i didn't know bullets were stronger than gigantic magic blasts(veigar ult) The fact its stronger than a scaling ap burst mage's ult for a while and is aoe while she just clicks R is crazy! Also Xayah is too safe against assassins you have little room to even attack her on top of her go invisible she also roots you as an ADC for a reason which i have idea of. Now about Tristana anytime you try to fight her she uses her W which is more range than flash and if you still want to punish her for being out of position then she uses her short cd R to knock you back 1200 range and this point she is just gonna kill you. Oh and her Q grants 110% attack speed for over 4 seconds plus her E is gonna blow up turrets and you for no trade off. Ashe, she slows you passively with auto attacks now if she gets crit she will slow even more! Also if you wanna know she can also stun you globally. Her w is an undodgeably skill shot that is doing 100% ad on you. Now Draven, his early game damage is 150 per aa and his Q literally gives him a free 50 AD advantage over anyone at lvl "1" anyone who leaves their turrets and try to farm the lane will get chase by him because he is infact stronger and you aren't. Oh and his ult is a global execute did i mention he can 3 shot you thanks to stormrazer early? Kai'sa Loads of magic damage and is as fast as a cricket. Varus: Ult is the only problem. Vayne: her w doesn't even need to scale so she misses all farm gets lvl 18 and gets some cheap attack speed then does 14% max hp true damage every 3 hits while jumping everywhere away from you while your armor is ignored. Quinn: she can one shot people and move 700 move speed without counterplay. I know, I know you think i used whats good about them to make them look broken but thats because whats good about them is broken needless to say its not that the game is unplayable and my ADC doesn't get 4 shot before i gank nothing wrong with draven yea he does 170 dmg at lvl 3 i am very sure of his balance. aside from all of these complaints, NO i will not quit league of legends because 20% of the roster are ranged and do broken stuff i will just continue to deal with it until riot makes it more of a team game then a 30/0 adc we win game. Note: some people say adcs are weak and i find this funny because they are part of the too much damage in the game thing. Remove stormrazor please. Thnx Note 2: I'm not saying that you can't kill a marksmen i am saying they have too much influuence if a game is won or not. making it one sided if ur adc is doing bad.
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