The new adc meta

i want just guys to thank riot for destroying the game one day this game will go dead and no one will play it any more riot dont care what we want or what we do riot destroyed bot lane and say that adc is so strong with crit items and what happen ??? riot just destroyed adc for being a little bit strong and leave champions like Illaoi /zed/talon /kayn / shaco / jax / veigar / ornn / master yi riot said that they are balancing the game well when ornn that build FULL TANK items and armor 0 AD items 1 shot me after the new meta and i was like 10/4 or some thing like that u call that balanced? when veigar only need to farm and use his q to 1 shot u on the 20;00 mint with his r thats is balanced? when kayn just get 1 lethality item and storm razor and 1 auto attack u are dead thats balanced? when illaoi we need 5 to kill her and 3 of us may die doing this its balanced? when jax only need 1 item to kill all of us (rage blade ) and only using his r that is balanced? when master yi need only to use 1 and get rage blade and go aa and q get a penta kill thats balanced? when vladimir be 10% hp and only need 3 or 4 q to get full hp thats is balanced? when diana only need to use her q r to one shot adc thats is balanced for u? thats is not balancing and the only adc that was standing ( lucian ) u nerfed him im asking for Draven , Lucian ,xayah and jinx to get buffed cause those 4 losed all their powers and adc like mf just click on r in middle of team fights and get a penta kill with high dammage with q on lvl 1 im asking to nerf miss fortune as well cause this is too op for other adc and nerf bruiser so we can play against them and get the adc meta back u say adc was too strong no they wasnt only people who play adc must be so smart and so good u need to take postion and know when to fight and when to not u must free trade poke and farm at least 100 cs in 10 mints (128 is the perfect lane farm in 10 mint ) if ur supp is bad u must work alone to carry and go 1 v 2 and u guys nerfed shielding champions and left some poking supps like zyra karma and so on with so hight dammage speccialy zyra she can have over 10 plants at bot lane in 30 sec and u cant even touch her adc as u will die from those plants this meta destroyed the game alot of pro players in high elo quited the game cause of this meta all pro lcs players are suffering u made rekless the most agressive adc and best adc in the whole world cant play or do any thing and u can see what double lift opinion and last im not asking for nerfs for all champions rather than nerfing the strong just buff the weak champions and buff crit items reduce their gold amount as we need now over 40 mint farming (30 mint with kills ) to get 3 items crit before we need 20 with kills and 30 withouth kills people like tyler 1 left his otp ( Draven ) cause he became weak double lift left lucian rekless left all adc pray is saying its hell for people to play adc its hell for us to play it any more alot of people is angry about this alot of people droped in ranked cause of this some one like me i climbed from s5 to g5 by playing adc when new meta came i couldnt climb any more its so hard all adc mains and otp of marks mens are asking for buffs for almost all adc except the one which already strong ( kogmaw mf ashe varus and ezreal ) we arent asking for some thing that is impossible we are asking for our rights to have fun in this game as we had before we ask to buff armour to be as before or better for adc we ask to buff ad and as for adc we ask to buff health regin for adc we ask to buff heal once again or dont nerf teleport cause if u nerfed teleport u destroyed the game for mid laners top laners and adc so we can have fun once more and climb and lcs players wont be angry any more thank you for reading all this and if u guys done that all adc mains would be so happy ALL HAILS ADCS
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