Which Champ is Your Kryptonite?

Lately I have noticed when I play ADC ({{champion:51}} {{champion:22}} ) and the enemy jungler plays {{champion:120}} I get slaughtered. I was on a winning spree and qualified for promos out of Bronze into Silver. I won my first 2 games and lost 3 in a row, 2 of which had a Hecarim jungler who constantly jumped me with his combo for 3/4 health several times. I'm going to have to change my ban from {{champion:134}} because I guess this guy is my kryptonite. First off, any tips for helping me not get trampled and crushed by Hecarim as an ADC? Second, what are you guys' Achilles heels? Which champ stomps you when you play your main champ in your main role? I would love to hear this and get some feedback!

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