Preseason scaling runes should cap at level 10

the 2 runes that scale (CDR in the first row, 1-10% from levels 1-18 and HP in third row, 15-90 from lvl 1 to 18) simply take too long to become relevant compared to +10 adaptive or +8% atk speed up front (he atk speed is solid on anyone who needs it and only gets better as you level up) or +5 more armor/MR the current alternatives are equal in their gold value but you get them all up front as opposed to needing late game for the full value of these 2. if it's really necessary that they need to scale, they should at least cap at a more reasonable point in time for what you're getting out of them; level 10 feels like a solid place to set them, delaying their full value but not so far back that you won't see their value
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