Ok Riot, tank Karma top???

The most uninteractive bullshit in the game. The thing she ran Kleptomancy and got lvl 2 from the first proc was the most ok thing in that matchup. What was way more bullshit was how she healed everything easily even though I bought {{item:3123}} first item. How she built {{item:3025}} first item. She bullied me without drawback UNDER MY TURRET. Outdamaged me with {{item:3303}} as her only offensive stat while I was playing a DUELIST FIGHTER AND LANDED EVERYTHING. Wow. Just wow. I'm still wondering how **ANY** of her tank builds are allowed at all after those years when it's a commonly known thing how bullshit it is to play against. How uninteractive she is? The fact that I have never met anyone other in that game because I was locked behind my turret trying to slow her push at least a bit speaks for itself.
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