For 4 years i have been playing bruiser shaco

Remember when in season 5 you built bruiser items on shaco. I have been building that path or a little differing path ever since that and a few days ago i decided to play assassin and learn to play it for my 1million point game so i could say i have played every shaco there is. Few games in on assassin shaco i noticed that you can carry much better but you get countered by items and trinket much more. Also i am pretty sure i had many more bugs with my clone, not moving, moving with a long delay and overall just being useless. my shaco playstyle is pretty clone dependant on bruiser and not having to trick enemies with my clone or baiting them. i feel like assassin shaco is a better champion but worse shaco. i feel like most of the known shacos dont utilize the clone to its maximum potential because it doesnt reward in this current meta. For an example, chase rarely does anything with the clone. He just uses it for extra dmg, and because everything does so much dmg the clone gets 1 shot and instantly makes who is the real one clear. only reason why bruiser shaco is better for clone tricks is the fact that you or the clone dont get 1shot as often {{champion:35}} I have no idea why the bugs seem to occur more on assassin shaco, possibly because clone copies duskblade passive, i really am not sure

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