League is NOT Dying, Riot (as a company) is NOT Failing

League remains a top international multiplayer online game and this community is a fraction of a percent of its actual player base. I see posts daily about how "This game is bad", "This game is ruined", "This game is dying", "Riot is going to fail". And each of these posts are often replied to by dozens of ACTIVE players who then proceed to up vote those posts. And, again, the boards are but a fraction of a percent of the game's entire player base. Mathematically speaking, there are millions of active players around the world. Riot is pulling in money off in game events as well as championships. World Tournaments entertain hundreds if not thousands of live attendees with many more viewing through live streams. Entire Youtube accounts with thousands of subscribers are dedicated to bringing League related content. Thousands of dedicated players spend hours discovering tips and tricks for the champions they enjoy playing with in order to share them with others through both written and video guides. Riot advertises their game, even on television because they can afford it. This game is not dying, this game is not failing, this game is not going away any time soon. Just because it happens to be what a fraction of a percent or even a small percent of players do not enjoy does not mean it is a failure. The game changed and some people are simply adverse to change, but change is necessary in order to maintain and sustain. People toss around the word "stagnate" in reference to this game. But, if anything, the exact opposite is true. This game is not stagnating. It iis because Riot identifies their current and primary consumer and caters to that target. If what's being done to the game does not appeal to you then you're probably below Riot's radar of who gives a crap. Because Riot is a company and a company must put forward its financial interests first. Not what give certain individuals a warm fuzzy. It's not only logical, but it is far more compassionate and understanding than people realize. Because by catering to the majority, Riot is indulging as many players as possible. They cannot possibly be expected to please everyone all of the time; so, they try, at the very least, to please the majority. Lecture's over; otherwise, I'd end up repeating myself.
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