Kindred could fit better into the whole Death theme by ditching the infinite scaling

For starters, playing Kindred doesn't feel like we are playing the two-sided one-character that this champion is supposed to be. Their VO feels like so and so does Kindred lore, which leaves it pretty clear about there being two personalities, which are the one and same relentless Death. The gameplay however completely dismisses Wolf. In fact, it is probably because of the gameplay that people mistakenly call Kindred a she, because when you play Kindred you are actually playing Lamb. In game, Wolf is as much Kindred as Orianna's ball is Orianna. So why not have our first full-time micro champion? (I'm unsure if this was the direction Riot originally wanted) Basically, they'd be split all the time, and the ultimate could be the button to change inbetween Lamb and Wolf. On the thematic talk, death doesn't grow stronger with every "kill". Something that grows undefinitly is actually something anti-death. Any power hungry mofo that wants infinite power ultimately just wants immortality. And I won't even touch how ironic Kindred's current ultimate is. Death has more to do with the exchange of energy, and with impermanence (*cough the constant change between the 2 death emissaries) Also, the split gameplay (and ganking two lanes at the same time) would enforce the idea that _Death is omnipresent_. Kindred uniqueness would geer towards map pressure and micro (quite new to League) To keep it simple and thematic, on the sense that Wolf is a dumb brute, he could have very simple one liner abilities, use energy and a maximum of 2 abilities at a time, so Kindred micro wouldn't become overloaded with to-doness or information, but become more about managing two characters that complement each other, and while stronger together, can also be apart. Lamb is the brains, Wolf is the muscle. As for the abilities, the ones I most resonated with are Lamb and Wolfs passives, which relate to the relentlessness of Death. **Lamb Passive -- Death's Touch** Lamb marks the last target she has hit gaining extra attack range towards them only, up until they leave your range. **Wolf Passive -- ** Wolf gains movement speed running towards targets marked by Lamb. How killing Kindred would work then? I'm not sure :l (maybe they could share the same HP?) ____________ **TL;DR** 1) The infinite scaling on Kindred hasn't worked before and isn't working now, and death is not about growing stronger with each reap -- Besides, we already have a few stacking champions and they go nicely under the radar, Veigar, Nasus and Sion ~~and Cho~~ (did I miss anyone?) this latter not exactly but I feel like after Worlds he'll be gone as he currently is. 2) Split Lamb and Wolfs gameplay.

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