How the game lost it's own magic

In the past the community was restrained by some facts : 1. You don't play league if you can't afford to play at least 30-45min games that was the average time of the games. 2. You don't play league because it is a trend brought by e-sports and high competitivity you played because you wanted to have fun with friends and because many of your friends recommended you to play it. Anyways what is the point of playing it for competitivity if only 0.00001% of the players will be able to make a rent out of it ? We should play for fun. I don't care what you will say if you don't played before season 5 you will not understand what i'm talking about. League lost its magic because this happened : The core aspects of the game were those and that's what made this game famous : - Average 30-45min games long - Teamfights lasting over a minute - Long fights with a lot of counterplay and outplays - A lot of turnarouds - Turrets being a real defensive structure not a mere objective - The map was fair with both teams a team ahead wouldn't be able to finish the game with an unfair number of drakes or baron buffs. - You could really feel that early champs were godly at beginning and like shit in late game. - The concept of early mid and late game were impactfull. - High versatility with ap and ad ratios for each champion - Runes and masteries were made to offer various options Most of those above disappeared because Riot wanted to have flashy plays and fights every second of the game. Because of viewers : - Games being shorter forces more frequent fights. - More damage makes snowball more impactfull more WOW effect after a one shot. - Turrets made of paper forces teams to push like crazy which creates way more action and quick fights - Drakes buff and actual baron buff forces fights and breaks the balance of the game. - Now many champions are good all the game. the fact that there is an early, mid and late game is less impactfull. - You can't customise like in the past with new runes. - Counterplay is rare or impossible becaue of permanant oneshots In the past there was a lot of impressive counterplays. In each game you could see a lot of counterplay in the same game and a lot of ''rekt'' in the game chat. This doesnt happen this often because of the damage. In the past it hapenned a lot because you could lose a lane 1-3 but because you had a mid game champion and because there wasnt this much damage there was always good chances for attentive players to outplay. The steamroll effect wasn't this strong. You were losing your lane even if your jungle didn't come you always had options unless you fed intentionnaly. You could wait for your champion power spike and win the lane. However nowadays with the amount of damage and snowball you can't. This game has became too fast paced to be Player friendly. However it has became video on demand entertainment friendly. Riot has been losing players in the west. Gaining players in the east. However it is losing more players than gaining new ones. That is the reason why the match making sucks. Riot knows players don't like to wait to queue. There aren't enough players anymore to find players with approximatively the same level in the west.
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